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"Amy Dumas ‏
The Kenz has just been laughed at at least 100 times in the past hour at Renegade Fest
from Chicago, IL”

the content of this tweet matters not. But the location does… because oh noes, she’s moving in on A.J’s man, that durty whore!!!!11!!

twitter- of course.

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Donimoni: lol...


“Just because Punk is holding Lita’s dog doesn’t mean they are dating!”

“Just because Punk was on Punkrockalypse doesn’t mean they are dating!”

“Just because Lita is backstage at every RAW and PPV doesn’t mean she and Punk are dating!”

“Just because they travel together constantly doesn’t…

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CM Punk ‏
Expendables 2 with @AmyDumas @MartyDeRosa @poKahOntas77 I have no words. Needs five dollar wrestling treatment.

Amy Dumas ‏
“@CMPunk: Expendables 2 with @AmyDumas @MartyDeRosa @poKahOntas77 I have no words. “I now pronounce you man and knife

CM Punk ‏
Expendables 2 brought to you by HGH, hair plugs and Botox! @poKahOntas77 @MartyDeRosa @AmyDumas

twitter, duh

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More internet fail

I shouldn’t be surprised but at the same time…

"Obviously Lita and CM Punk are no more, so why would they want to be around each other after just having broken up?" - This was in reference to San Diego Comic Con. I kind of want to find this person and slap some sense into them.

& this:

"i guess if you like the taste of matt hardy and edge and god knows who else in the locker room of yesterday and today……..good for you punk >.> "

Christ on a cracker. If you really want to get into who has the more colorful past (between Lita and Punk)… it’s Punk. If people are going to continue to be caught up on the whole ‘zomg Lita iz such a durty whore’ … get your fucking facts straight.

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